The server browser for Tremulous 1.1, GPP and Unvanquished
“Apelsin is the latest state-of-the-art in server browser technology. Precision engineered with hand crafted military grade secure Haskell-code, you'll learn to love the simple, responsive and bug free browser. Best of all — it's free.”

— Questionably independent reviewer, Jan 2013

Apelsin Tremulous Browser

Apelsin is a two-paned, open source, server- and clan browser. It shows servers and players from Tremulous 1.1, Tremulous GPP and Unvanquished at the same time. Refreshing all servers should take about 1‒2 seconds depending on your connection. The only dependencies are gtk2 and gmp. Apelsin typically uses about 14MiB RAM. License: GPL3 Written in: Haskell

Program screenshot


Download version 1.2.3 for your operating system:

Arch Linux

Install apelsin from the AUR. See aur.archlinux.org/packages/apelsin.

Ubuntu and derivatives (like Mint)

Install it from the PPA:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:christoffer-k/apelsin
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install apelsin


Use the installer: apelsin-setup-1.2.3.exe

Note: You will have to download new releases manually.

Install from hackage

You can also build Apelsin from source on any OS, including Mac OS X. Fist, install The Haskell Platform (2013.2+ required), and then run the following:

cabal update
cabal install apelsin


  • Fuzzy search matching everything (- excludes)
  • Server browser
  • Find players
  • Online clan members
  • Synchronized clan list
  • Optional auto-refreshing of servers

You can change the ratio between the panes by dragging the handle in the middle.

Clan list

The clan list is by default synced against the DDOS server on startup. As the list has a historical value, no clans will be removed.

Add or update clan entries:

##ddos @ irc.freenode.net

Keyboard shotcuts

Ctrl+R or F5:
Refresh all servers
Ctrl+S or F6:
Sync clan list
Ctrl+L or Ctrl+F:
Focus Input
Switch tab

Source code

  • Apelsin: git://github.com/Cadynum/Apelsin.git
  • tremulous-query: git://github.com/Cadynum/tremulous-query.git
  • Apelsin on GitHub


Christoffer Öjeling <christoffer@ojeling.net>
DDOS ddos-tremulous.eu